Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Peace and humanitarian education: driving education within the deep waters of global uncertainty

This is my presentation during the 2014 Global Education Conference. This presentation aims at emanating the role of peace and humanitarian education as a core element of the educational endeavor towards the development of the profile of a citizen of a global society. The world nowadays is experiencing multiple challenges, insecurity, uncertainty and problems which cater for immediate humanitarian action and at the same time put peace in danger. It is important to realize the fundamental role education needs to play towards the establishment of the right cognitive norms and cultural behaviors that can foster a global collaborative mindset in order to tackle these emerging threats and soothe the pain many people around the world are experiencing via multiple channels.

This sessions is of relevance for teachers, students, policy-makers and everyone interested into shaping the future of education and creating a relevant and not simply a theoretical framework to develop and create human global citizens who will be incentivized and sensitized towards global problems.

This session is fully aligned to the mission of the Global Education Conference since it offers "up to speed but down to earth" insights on how education needs to support awareness in relation to peace and humanitarian education and establishing the right mechanisms that will drive global competency towards solving contemporary and real-life global problems from citizens of the global community.

For more information please visit the official webpage of the 2014 Global Education Conference

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