Monday, 19 September 2011

The Greek crisis is hardly financial ...

I am sitting in front of my computer on an empty Word document listening to the news from Greece on the crisis and all the new, insane, inhuman measures that must be taken as soon as possible. Everywhere, big titles talking about critical moments of Greek Economy, financial and political destruction of the country, elections, exit from the Eurozone etc. 

The Greek crisis is hardly financial. Banknotes can be found, re – issued and re – negotiated. Stock markets and investments can be re-established. The nation's dignity and social cohesion will not be the same again. Lack of trust: yes. Bankruptcy of the country: possible. Complete ethical and emotional destruction: definitely. Day by day a new political thriller appears concerning the current financial and political situation and complete panic from all the participating stakeholders and players perpetuating the same story, the same recipe that leads nowhere. Viable strategic planning: none

The Greek crisis is a crisis of institutions, trust and mentality. It is a crisis of people, thoughts, ideas and political will. It is a crisis of easiness, political human resources management and under the table international negotiations, deals and games. It is a crisis of people not willing to see the past, the present and the future. It is a crisis of servants of easy money, of not understanding that in order to go a step forward, hard, innovative and team work is necessary and that nothing has been accomplished without sweat and tears. It is a crisis of a country that was lead throughout the years to become the mirror of global political instability, insecurity and unsuccessful financial experiments to the detriment of undefended people. 

A country with such history, culture, natural beauty and resources being on the headlines all over the world every single day. Do I feel ashamed? No I don’t. Do I feel sorry? Yes, because the country, the nation and the people do not deserve such treatment because of the terrible mistakes and the politics of incompetent people whose only intention has been wealth and personal development. 

What lies beneath all these? The complete socio – economical, political and ethical destruction of the country, undoubtedly national property - sovereignty and international issues resolution redemption for a mere financial bail -out and the total national, internal and sentimental poverty of a nation that fought throughout the centuries. Are we as a nation tired of fighting? No, definitely not. BUT without knowing why we need to fight once again, the game will simply be over really soon  ….

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