Friday, 11 October 2013

Leadership and Organizational Culture

Lately, I have been reflecting a lot regarding the role of leadership towards the realization of building a sustainable organizational culture. I have been thinking about the role of human resources and how they do contribute into this discussion. 

If I could state it bluntly I would say that leaders do not think about culture because they have no time and because they are busy catering solely for their shareholders' demands. Organizational culture is crystallized via the establishment of human organizations. I believe that we start seeing a shy but reasonable a shift towards a more flexible and open human resources management system, endorsed by the empowerment of an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset sharing a direct effect towards the smoother facilitation of the organizational open innovation adoption process and impact on firm performance. 

The current debt and subprime crises, have created a new set of rules in the global business and financial market and substantial impact in the business world undergoing a tremendous loss of trust under a financial, marketing and organizational perspective. 

I believe that the realization of the importance of organizational culture requires prior substantial changes within the organizational setting. Managing change is a highly challenging task prerequisiting important and prompt readiness on an organizational level, especially, in human resources management. Building a positive organizational culture that alleviates issues such as discipline and achievement creates a communal ethos within the organization redirecting towards a positive attitude and a sustainable organizational society promoting and encouraging an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. However all these require time, hard work and institutional resources.  

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