Monday, 25 February 2013

Don't waste time competing: collaborate!

Yesterday, while watching Bloomberg, I came across an interesting interview with an American entrepreneur. He discussed about his company, all the problems and success stories and the whole pathway starting from the initial idea till its realization. From his speech I underline one phrase which I think encapsulates the whole meaning of how today’s business trends should be: “we do not waste our time competing but we are using this time creatively so as to collaborate and co-create value”. 

Being an entrepreneur means having the willingness to move into unexplored fields. It is about seeing first what others will see eventually. It is about being focused and always wanting to drive to success. An entrepreneur would do anything so as to be able to reach dreams fulfillment. 

The entrepreneurial pathway is like “crossing the dessert without water”. It means that it is aligned to the general requirement for something new and something fresh. The need for a global infrastructure and the moving and changing depending on where the market is going requires flexibility. Taking best practices into the value co-creation leads to a competitive edge since each party becomes innovative by using knowledge, best practices, network, supply chains and any other available resources and leveraging all good ideas. 

I would say that the “secret recipe” is the effective and efficient use of the limited resources of knowledge, people and capital under an open and collaborative framework. It is also the dedication and passion for learning. But the ultimate element is the creation of a trustworthy and open organizational culture. Culture means the continuous engagement with the human world; it is the elaboration of the personal and organizational touch that makes a difference.

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