Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mobilize the Earth. Earth Day April 22, 2012

Mother earth has survived long to experience a tremendous number of things; from bearing 7 billion people to providing food, water, shelter and even a burial to the faithfully departed. Every being; people, plants and animals has its walk shaped by the earth. When we need medicine for all our sicknesses we look and turn to what the earth is able to produce for us so we may live, when we need natural resources and treasures we explore them from the heart of the earth.  As a mother loves, nurtures and sacrifices for her children so has the earth held us in her bosom.

Though the earth has no personal being, it has its rights. Time to know that the earth won’t wait; there is no more time to waste idling around. Efforts to mobilize environmental friendly activities need to be acted upon. Disasters are all around us, happening almost every day; tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, earth quakes and many other environmental issues simply because there is an enormous pressure exerted on the earth. While millions are going green, involving in global conversations, demand for its protection, environmental education in schools and communities on this day, the question should be what is my responsibility towards the planet and how can I play it positively as a young person?

Do not be left out. Earth day is an opportunity to do good to the planet. Be sure to involve in activities organised in your locality, or organisation. These activities may be tree planting, minimizing water wastage, recycling, cleaning your surrounding and hosting peaceful rallies on a healthy sustainable environment. Act responsibly so that we may preserve our earth. You may be surprised by how much energy spent can result in exceptional impact.

The world is doing something on EARTH DAY, be sure to do your part!

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